Are You A Good Designer Or A Great Designer?

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A combination of your skills and personality traits is what makes you good or great at any job you take on. But, to be a good designer, you need more than just mastery of design skills and a good eye. So, when it comes to design, which category do you fall into? Are you a good designer or a great designer?   Below are a few traits of a great designer. Assess for yourself which category you belong to.

You Are Curious

Although the saying goes, “curiosity killed the cat”, it holds no truth for a designer. A natural thirst for curiosity about the things in the world and how they work is a good designer’s modus operandi. This curiosity is what makes a designer think about user engagement with a particular font, colour or why a design should look a certain way.

You Are A Problem-Solver

This is something almost all great designers have in common – they like to solve problems. This is because they are never satisfied with surface information alone, they dig deeper – what, why, where, when, how, and maybe even more! You have thick skin Yes, thick skin – thick enough to handle the client, the changes to the designs or at the worse, handle rejections. The designs you create for your client isn’t always about what you think looks the best. The client will have a never ending list of needs, wants and, yes, changes. The best part about having thick skin is that, a great designer will always take the rejections as constructive criticism and will quickly bounce back without taking any offense to client suggestions. Is this one of your trait? If yes, pat yourself on the back!  

You Are Up-To-Date With Design Trends

Keeping up with new design trends and learning new techniques are a few things that a great designer will never fail to do. Every good designer has a classic style that works in any situation. They know how to mix the new trends with the classic ones and create a timeless piece of art.  

You See Design In Everything

Have you ever been to a supermarket, picked up a tuna can and asked yourself: “I wonder what font they’ve used on this can of tuna? It could’ve communicated better to me if it used a different one”. Yes, a great designer can see design in e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! They can’t stop their minds from digging deeper and deeper to generate ideas and solutions for better designs.   Are you at any conclusions now? Well, there is a lot more to being a great designer, but if you’re not a designer yet and you see many of these traits already in you, you know which career path to head-on. We, at Bootcamp, provide in-depth and complete training in graphic design – both, in theory and practice. To know more, register at the best graphic design course in Goa and become a great designer.

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