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Course Overview

Welcome to our one-month WordPress course, tailored specifically for beginners. This program is designed to introduce you to the world of WordPress, the leading content management system that powers a significant portion of the web. Throughout this course, you will learn how to navigate the WordPress interface, create and manage content, customize your website with themes and plugins, and understand the basics of SEO and site maintenance. Whether you aim to build your own website, start a blog, or manage a website for your business, this course will provide you with the foundational skills and knowledge needed to get started with confidence. Join us to embark on your journey to becoming proficient in WordPress, and unlock the potential to create and manage professional-looking websites with ease.



1. Introduction to WordPress

2. Backend overview of WordPress with installation

3. How WordPress works, custom theme, page templates, custom post type, custom taxonomies, actions, filter

4. WordPress database structure

5. Creating custom themes in WordPress and page templates Start Implementation of vacuro.com in WordPress

6. WordPress widgets for footer

7. Ajax in wordpress

8. Basic form submission in WordPress Convert GoldStaud HTML to WordPress



Upon completing this one-month WordPress course, participants will emerge with a robust understanding of how to create, customize, and manage a WordPress website. You will have hands-on experience in setting up WordPress, creating engaging content, selecting and customizing themes, extending functionality with plugins, and implementing basic SEO practices. Additionally, you will learn essential maintenance and security measures to keep your site running smoothly. This course equips you with the confidence to launch your own WordPress site, whether for personal blogging, business use, or portfolio presentation. Graduates will possess the foundational skills needed to navigate the WordPress environment effectively, ready to explore more advanced features and techniques at their own pace.

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