Human resources course

human resources

Course Overview

This HR short course provides an in-depth exploration of essential HR functions, including employee induction, performance management, organizational structure, payroll, compliance, recruitment, employee engagement, organizational culture, and training development. It equips participants with practical skills and knowledge to effectively manage HR tasks, foster a positive workplace culture, and support employee and organizational growth.



1. Overview & Functions of HR

2. HR Orientation

3. Performance Management, Organisation Structure & Career Architecture 

4. Payroll & Compliances

5. Recruitment & Employee Contracts

6. Employee Engagement & Culture

7. Training & Development



Upon completing this HR course, participants will be able to effectively implement HR best practices within their organizations. They will possess the skills to manage the entire employee lifecycle, from onboarding and performance management to development and retention strategies. Graduates will be equipped to enhance organizational culture, ensure compliance with labor laws, and contribute to the strategic planning of workforce development, ultimately leading to improved employee engagement and organizational success.


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